Nyns eus goon heb lagas, na ke heb scovarn

There is no down without an eye, nor hedge without an ear

Issue 6, 2nd July 2007


The diplomatic world was stunned yesterday by simultaneous announcements from the Kremlin and the White House that Putin and Bush are seeking to set up home together in Relubbus.

It would seem that occasional one-to-one meetings between the two have led to the chance discovery that they have more in common with one another than they could ever have suspected. This process of mutual discovery has been assisted by the involvement of Relubbus-based diplomat and amateur conductor Horton Nance, of whom more later.

Both men are married, but neither regards this as a serious obstacle to following their hearts’ desire: to live together -- in Relubbus.

Penhaligon’s Estate Agents have been commissioned to find the unlikely couple a hideaway in the environs of Relubbus, which has long been known for its easy tolerance of unusual liaisons. Relubbus is also the home of Horton Nance, who since his 8 year fling with closet African queen, Robert Mugabe, back in the sixties, has had a string of relationships with international leaders.

Nance (93), pictured on the left rehearsing for his next performance at St Johns Hall with the Nancledra Philharmonic, would not be drawn as Roundup reporters quizzed him on his role in this affair.

Despite the fact that the only picture of the couple in Relubbus shows them wearing Nance-designed dressing gowns, the tight-lipped conductor of international affairs simply refused to comment.

The Roundup tried to contact Councillor Billy Spargo, of the Greater Relubbus Urban Council for a comment. However, according to his housekeeper he was unavailable, having "gone up Pendeen to see ‘is Enty, oo’ve bin took bad."


Sir Alan Sugar (left) was described as "hopping mad" after seeing the "The Apprentice" leapfrogged in the ratings by the brand-new Relubbus TV programme "Wanna get on, do ee?", which stars Relubbus entrepreneur RC Oats, who is estimated to have amassed a personal fortune of more than £1,200 over the past 35 years in his Relubbus grocery business.

Oats (known to locals simply as "RC", or "Arsey", depending on how well he is liked by the local in question) has 9 Cornish likelies, who are vying with one another to be his apprentice and thereby win a weekly two figure wage, with 5% off store goods thrown into the bargain.

Oats says of the programme "I kent believe my luck. I got these nine kids workin' 'ere fer nuthin and you can’t get cheaper than that, can ee?"

RC Oats (pictured left) is often portrayed by The Economist, the Western Morning News and the Cornishman as the perfect example of a capitalist success story.

Putting aside the recent News of the World revelations about the nature of Mr Oats’ relationship with his pet ducks, the press have had nothing but good news to report on this one-man economic phenomenon. Oats’ grocery store in Relubbus has, after only 30 years, enjoyed such a run of success that he has been able to open up another store in nearby Ludgvan -- and there is now even talk that he might be opening a third store in Crowlas.

He says, " I got they kids doin' all the jobs I can think of and till this programme is over I don’t have to pay any of ‘em. I tell ee -- it’s a proper job and no mistake!"

The contestants aren’t complaining, as their smiling faces show. From the left are Davey Vinicombe (21) from Rosudgeon, Caleb Tiddy (23) from Trevorgans, Janner "Shorty" Polkinghorne (35) from Penberth, Lydia Rodda (22) from Nantewas, Jimmy Woolcock (24) from Boskenna, Pascoe Ellis (sitting), 29, from Tregiffian, Billy Spargo (31) from Penmennor, with arm round "partner" Jimmy Carkeek (25) from Treave, and Jim Vingoe (26) from Silena.

As revealed in the last edition of the Roundup,
"Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall" (shown left), is actually Lily Nichols, an ex bag-lady from Perranuthnoe, who has succeeded in convincing large sections of the English media that she is an aristocrat.

Always eager to report on successful Cornish entrepreneurs, the Roundup caught up with Lily as she was taking the salute at a passing-out parade at Sandhurst. It was a sunny, breezy morning, and Lily looked every inch the part in an expensively-cut, resplendent black costume and large matching hat.

Her act was going well until, suddenly, a rogue gust of wind blew off her hat. Taken by surprise, Lily momentarily lost her cool. She was distinctly heard to say "Bleddy wind! 'Is like bein' up bleddy Trencrom in a force 9!"

"Camilla"'s aides looked at each other in astonishment: they had never heard such language, in such an accent, issue from her lips. Moments later, however, Lily, the consumate professional, had regained her composure, and all was well.
Story by Janner Batten and Picture by Hummy Williams

People from all over Relubbus gathered to see the amazing sight of Douglas Chadder’s attempted balloon flight around the world. Dougie, whose head can be seen emerging from the entrance to the balloon during the pre-flight test, announced with characteristic bravado "I aren’t gonna be beat by they up-country big mouths. Bleddy Branson do think ee’s some smart with is fancy balloon, but ee ebn seen nothin' yet. I’m gonna overtake ee, you see if I don’t."

Unfortunately, Mr Chadder’s attempt at global circumnavigation was thwarted when, failing to gain sufficient height after leaving Relubbus, his basket collided with Billy Peniluna’s amateur radio tower at Marazion. Dismissing this setback as "teething problems" and nursing his bruises, Mr Chadder, undaunted, is already planning his next trip.

Going on holiday? Then go with a Trenwith Caravan! These hand-crafted motor homes all come equipped with a window and lockable door! You can fill it with camp beds, chairs, or whatever you wish, to make that dream holiday an unforgettable experience. The cost is a mere snip at £8,750. For an extra £1,400, a water tank can be fitted and a bucket with chemicals supplied. Yes, we think of everything!! TRENWITH OF RELUBBUS.
By Arts and Entertainment Correspondent Pimble Chicken

The Roundup has received several independent reports, from unimpeachable sources, that the legendary American singer-songwriter, Roy Orbison, was sighted in Relubbus Tesco's last Wednesday. Apparently, Roy, pictured left, is on an unpublicised visit to the UK, during which he is assessing possible venues for a future world tour. Relubbus, it seems, is high on his list.

The popular singer, who is rarely out of the Relubbus Top Ten, was happy to chat with surprised fans who were lucky enough to be in Tesco's that day.

A passing English tourist almost spoilt the party when he asserted that Roy Orbison had died in 1988. This claim produced screams of outrage and horror from the singer's loyal fans, and the unfortunate man was lucky to escape with his life. As he fled, he shouted back over his shoulder "It's a woman in a wig and dark glasses, it's obvious!"

In an unrelated incident on the same day, Relubbus ex-actress and male impersonator Diadora Ponce was forcibly committed to the Barncoose Secure Home for Terminally Confused Ex-Actresses and Male Impersonators.

  1. Old Shep Elvis Presley
  2. Brown-eyed 'Ansom Man Buddy Holly
  3. Only the Lonely Roy Orbison
  4. You Never Can Tell Chuck Berry
  5. Waterloo Abba
  6. Pretty Flamingo Manfred Mann
  7. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Beatles
  8. This Is My Song Petula Clarke
  9. A Whiter Shade of Pale Procul Harum
  10. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) Scott MCKenzie
Inside the Tibetan Embassy in Relubbus

Continuing our journey around the different foreign embassies in Relubbus, we now take a peek behind the mysterious curtains of the Free Tibetan Embassy. In the centre of the picture on the left, we can clearly see the most illusive face of Mr Lobsang Norbu, here giving us a gracious smile. Mr Norbu hardly ever leaves the embassy compound except under cover of darkness and with a bathtowel over his head. Understandably self-conscious about his unusual looks, Mr Norbu has only once been seen in Tesco’s at Penzance and that was for a fleeting visit to the cash machine.

Saturday evenings at the Tibetan embassy are spent in appreciation of the aged practice of "throat-singing" to the accompaniment of the Piwang (Tibetan violin), here played by Techung Rabsel Takeaway. On the left of the picture -- enthusiastically joining in the throat singing for all she is worth - is Mr Norbu’s wife, the very charming Gonpo.

Gonpo has taken to life in Cornwall with great enthusiasm. She is often seen in the fields around Relubbus, armed with her bow and arrow, out hunting rabbits, whilst practising her throat-singing routines. She is also quite keen on Bingo and the ambassadorial car has often been seen dropping her off outside the Ritz in Penzance.

Free Tibet places great value on its relationship with Relubbus, seeing within it a formidable counterbalance to the growing economic and military might of China.

The Greater Relubbus Urban Council (GRUC) has yet to send anyone on diplomatic service abroad. Councillor Billy Spargo today stated "If we duh send anyone out to foreign parts, them lamas will be first on the list!"



1:30 p.m, 4:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m.

Parmenus Jelbart speaks out!

Parmenus Jelbart has been following the Roundup’s occasional articles on the subject of gay rights and, as chairman of the Tregeseal "I Aren’t Queer Society" (IAQS) believes that he has a balanced contribution to make.

Parmenus (pictured left) believes in a productive debate, which takes full account of the opinion of all sides and which seeks to promote a society in which diversity can prosper.

He completely opposes rank homophobia and is a stern advocate of dialogue to advance mutual understanding. In his role of Chairman of the IAQS, he has worked tirelessly to promote better understanding of homosexuality within Tregeseal -- and indeed within St Just as a whole.

As he puts it himself so succinctly, " You kent jes ‘it someone cuz they’re queer. That id’n politically correct, as we duh call it. You gotta talk to un first so they understand jes why they’re gonna get a clout before you can let em ‘ave it."

Parmenus has been nominated for a Diversity Award to be given by the Greater Relubbus Urban Council (GRUC).

Parmenus is also a member of the St Just String Quartet and an enthusiastic member of the St Just New Testament Greek study group.
Swami Bhindra Conumdrum foretells all!

The Roundup’s resident astrologer, the Breton mystic Maurice Labalge, is in hospital following a recent serious and unforeseen accident. The Roundup wishes him well and welcomes the well-known Indian mystic Swami Conumdrum, who, happily but unexpectedly, has stepped in at short notice.

He is the mystic who knows our tomorrows, whose counsel will reduce all our sorrows!
This month is absolutely tophole for all people born under the sign of the Rum. You always like it things done jaldi jaldi and this month everything is dhotily jaldi. Be wary of a dark man with a curved sword and sign of snake on his arm. Avoid the St Just Kwop this week.

Oh! oh! oh! Oh, oh,oh! I am deeply concerned on seeing what is befalling you this month. Do not despair. It is possible that a cure will be found within the next ten years. Until then try to avoid passing any naked flames. Looking on bright side, your venereal disease will completely clear up, leaving just small scars.

What an amazing luck is it you have! In your garden in your rear, it is being found great quantities of oil. You have great jollity about this tophole outcome and are naturally desirous to share your good fortune with me as the harbinger of such gladly tidings for you and your widowed mother, who is nearly 90. I do accept cash.

Showers of shavings of sandalwood descend from skies upon your head, enveloping you in the heady and intense perfume from that most wondrous tree. This is most necessary as your body odour is beginning to win you unwelcome attention. You should not be so proud of your strong smell. It not manly, only unpleasant. Perhaps goats might find it interesting -- maybe this is what you want. For now, I have saved you with sandalwood.

Jitnee Lambi Chadar ho Utna hee pair failana Chahina! This mean you should stretch your legs only till the size of your counterpane. You are overspending and you need to save money. Too many chapattis, too much meat -- all this is very bad. I can look after your money for you and give you small cash when you need.

Door ke dhol suhavane lagte hain! Put her out of your mind -- she is out of reach for poor man like you. It is not good you think of her when you married with three children. Tighten belt and not be thinking such things.

You will have strong dreams about it you become ladies hairdresser in Ludgvan. This powerful thought will not let go, although unwise to specialise in coiffures for bald ladies, who will not like the polish idea. This idea good for men, but you should open business in Newlyn for this.

Mrs Hollis comes to offer you some good advice and you will be doing it well to listen it from her. She has strong breath and sound liver. It might be good idea to have sexual relationship with her.

Sawan ke andhe ko sab hara hi hara nazar aatar hai! Wake up, you must see reality! You have lost your shop, your wife has walked out on you. Your paid lover will not perform for nothing. Your pet monkey has died and the Pendeen bus does not stop outside your house any more! You must pull it yourself together.

This week will see you receive tophole news about receiving many lakhs of rupees very jaldi indeed. You will be mega rich and can now embark on the film career you have always dreamed of, despite your advanced years. So on Monday, go into work, chuck in the job, go home and wait for the money to pile in.

For people under this star sign, this week is unusual in that nothing much happens. Everyone must sometimes have quiet time and this will be a one such time for you. Take full advantage because next week your whole world will be thrown upside down by the sudden death of your loved one. This is a terrible blow from which you will never recover, unless you pay for my help.

It is not being good idea to wash feet before going in field! This is sign of silly person. Man Pisces must stop doing this and stop picking nose. Vooman Pisces must stop chatting and chatting too much till I get bad head-ache. This is not tophole. Dhotily good things lie ahead in future but too distant for I see it yet. However cash money to me can help intensify image and make it easy for me to say it this future.
Lonely Hearts
The Roundup is proud to have the opportunity of bringing together those in search of true love and happiness.

From an old-established family of Waziristan exiles living in Paul for the past 150 years, Abdul al Qazir al Gwavas is a young man looking for love. A shy 32-year-old painter and decorator by trade, Abdul has regrettably found that his appearance can be off-putting to the young ladies of Paul and its environs, but he is determined to buck the family trend of sending back to Waziristan for a wife and instead is looking for a local Muslim woman of good Cornish stock.

Abdul’s interests are playing the xylophone, the Sun crossword and breeding frogs and toads. He has also been runner-up for the last 13 years in the Mousehole marbles championship. Abdul is keen that interested young women should understand that he will require them to stay covered up all the time -- even in his presence and especially in the shower or bath -- even after marriage. On the plus side, this means that he has no preference as to looks as he will never see his wife. This is clearly an opportunity for the plug-ugly, so get writing to Box 4562.

Rosezina Cock, 26, of Landrivick Road, Pendeen is a sweet retiring maiden, who seeks a man with a good heart. Pictured here with her imaginary dog, Griffles, Rosezina leads a quiet life with her widowed mother, Kitty.

Rosezina has a part-time job at a nearby dairy farm, but her income is supplemented by state benefits. A firm believer in the virtues of telepathy as opposed to actual speech, she has not spoken since the age of 7, preferring instead to growl with meaning.

At her Gunwalloe boarding school for children with profound learning difficulties, she has picked up some writing skills and is in the habit of leaving notes for those who can’t pick up the telepathy or understand the growls. She is very fond of Fry’s Turkish Delight, fried breakfasts (though she can’t cook yet), the Shipping Forecast, and Emmerdale. She enjoys Blow Football. Box 5698

Simon Retallack (17), a wooden ventriloquist’s dummy from Crows an Wra, has grown tired of spending nights alone in a suitcase. He would like to meet a female wooden artefact or vent’s dummy, if there is one in the West Penwith area, for what he describes as "funsome fwolics after a few gottles". Simon does not discriminate and would be happy to meet human females, as well as dummies, provided that they are not fat or ugly and don’t mind the suitcase. Box 3481

Ambrose Pollard is a 51 year old single man looking to connect. A teacher by profession, Ambrose is deeply conscious of his professional duties and always wears his mortar board to keep a visible reminder before others and himself of his role in society. He is in charge of the reception class at Ludgvan Primary School. His hobbies are his train set, his mouth organ, and his 23 whippet dogs, who share his home with him at present.

Ambrose has no experience with the opposite sex and also assures us that he has had no experience with the same sex. He is deeply defensive about the nature of his relationship with his dogs, but says "I do love them all, bless them!".

Believing that now is the time to deepen his social interaction with non-canines, Ambrose waits to hear from you at Box 2381.



Former England captain Phil Vickery has been sacked by Relubbus RFC -- only weeks after joining the club from London Wasps!

As reported in this organ a few weeks back, the World Cup-winner was recruited to boost Relubbus's ambitious plans to progress from Cornwall League 2, in which they currently play, to European Cup winners within five years.

Besides recruiting Vickery, and many more star names, multi-millionaire backer Dicky Penwallet has upgraded the Relubbus stadium to Premiership standards, with a new stand that can hold upwards of 30 people, and a state-of-the-art floodlight powered by a wind turbine on Treluglas moor. Yesterday Penwallet was tight-lipped, saying only that Vickery had left the club "on amicable terms".

The incumbent of the tighthead prop position before Vickery arrived, Joe Tregeagle (48), is expected to regain his place in the team. The 4 foot 11, 7 stone veteran said: "We 'ad a pre-season friendly with Roseland. When Vickery saw that git Roseland pack 'ee went pale and wet 'isself. Five minutes later 'eed 'ad all 'ee cud 'andle."

The "Raging Bull" was unavailable for comment yesterday.


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