Nyns eus goon heb lagas, na ke heb scovarn

There is no down without an eye, nor hedge without an ear


A Mr Hirohito Watanabe of Tuckingmill has been awarded 9th prize in the annual Camborne taxi-drivers' awards.

"Banzai Bob" Hirohito Watanabe (62), formerly of Nagasaki and now from Tuckingmill, is a traditional Japanese rickshaw puller (Muhomatsu no issho) in the old style, who came to this country over 40 years ago in order to make a living and to learn to speak English.

Correctly concluding that he would be the first rickshaw puller in West Cornwall, he believed that there was a good living to be made here.

After the first 10 years, Mr Watanabe was eventually beginning to settle in and coming to be accepted by the locals, who gave him his pet name of "Banzai Bob".

Admittedly during the first few years, bookings were very few and far between, as people seemed reluctant to be pulled about by a panting oriental gentleman wearing nothing but his underpants and a lampshade on his head.

Gradually though, in fashion-conscious Tuckingmill,  it came to be seen as a style statement  to be transported hither and thither in "Banzai Bob's" rickshaw.

After a slow start - it did take a good 10 years - it became an attractive novelty to be pulled by "Banzai" down to the pub and back, particularly if you paid the extra for him to go at his highest (running) speed.

A particular favourite amongst pub visitors being pulled home is to get "Bob" to do his emergency stop, which invariably results in a hospitalisation for either puller or pullee and sometimes for both.

"Bob" is shown here pulling his wife - formerly Tamsin Trevanion (32) - now Mrs Watanabe, who decided to "goferit an' put on the Nip clothes tuh 'elp the boy out!"

Tamsin, a failed call-girl, decided against trying to make go of it as a TV presenter on the back of her grade D in Media Studies and instead become just a normal Tuckingmill housewife.
No children have resulted from the marriage, but the couple have built up a fine stable of ferrets, which are the envy of the neighbourhood.

"Bob" has had to struggle with the language and has not progressed very far in mastering Tuckingmill English or any other variant of the language.

However, after a couple of hours of explanation, he did take on board the significance of his ninth place award in the much sought-after annual Camborne Taxi Awards, which will be presented next week in the prestigious surroundings of the Corn Exchange in Commercial Street.

"Bob" has announced that he will simply respond with three well-chosen Japanese words:

私は光栄です "Watashi wa Koeidesu", which means "I am honoured!"

Bob has stated that the success of his business has led him to consider the setting up of an apprentice scheme for young Cornish lads, who would like to strike out on their own as rickshaw-pullers in other parts of Cornwall. 

If you are interested, you can contact "Bob" via the Roundup.


Which of these two singers had a hit record with 24 hours from Tulsa?

Was it A  - Gene Pitney?

Or was it B -- Tommy Trembath?

To win this month's BIG PRIZE, just send in a letter to the editor enclosing  a £50 note and giving your answer A or B.

The first letter containing a correct answer to be opened in the big draw in one month's time will win this month's prize of a Long Playing record of all Tommy's greatest hits!


The Roundup offers sincere apologies for its recent enforced period of 'radio silence'.

This was caused by the unfortunate, and, in our view, wholly unwarranted detention of the entire Roundup reporting and production team.  We had planned an editorial 'Awayday' and picnic at Hayle Towans.  This proved to be an unwise choice of venue.

Readers will know that it situated in The People's Republic of Hayle, which is ruled by eccentrically coiffeured but steely Stalinist dictator and mummy's boy, Tregavarah Ventongimps (42), pictured here on the left.

The oversensitive Ventongimps, who was angered at our frequent references to his exotic combover hairstyle, immediately gave orders for our arrest and detention on learning that the Roundup crew were consuming pasties in the summer rain on the towans.

We were taken to a bleakly dark granite building in Copperhouse, where we were incarcerated and destined to be  forgotten  Indeed, one of our number heard the unmistakably evil and high pitched voice of Ventongimps himself as he commanded his minions to 'thraw they bleddy keys away!"

However, we were not forgotten  by the good people of Relubbus. 

At the personal command of the esteemed leader of the Greater Relubbus Urban Council (GRUC), Councillor Billy Spargo (131) the security service of the state of Relubbus (Mr Ernie Pascoe (33)) was instructed to discover our whereabouts.

It took him just months to track us down using a combination of painstakingly tenacious detective work, satellite spy skullduggery and the inimitable skills of 'Dippy', the three-legged champion sniffer dog.
Told of our fate fate, Spargo lost no time in despatching the crack 'S' squad of the Relubbus Military Police to effect a daredevil rescue.

Agents Dick Harvey and Harvey Dick then effected a night operation to secure our release, which they successfully completed thanks in great part to the efforts of their specially trained getaway horse, 'Orsie'.

Frail as a result of our ordeal we will be resuming a halting, irregular but dependable service.

The Roundup remains, as ever , at your service!!

Nigel Batten (19) is, according to his mother Sandra, Relubbus' answer to Jamie Oliver.

Older readers will recall that Sandra herself achieved some degree of fame, if not notoriety, for her invention of 'Cledra Cola, an intriguing brown drink of pungently stirring natural ingredients  produced in Nancledra on her cousin's farm.

The purgative claims made for the drink were no exaggeration, but so efficacious was it in its cleansing properties that it always required a prolonged hospital stay afterwards to recover from it.

Sandra maintains that it was only for this reason, and not as a result of any discussions which may or may not have taken place with the inspection and prosecution department of the Relubbus Institute of Clinical Hygiene and Health (RICHH) that 'Cledra Cola disappeared overnight from the shelves.

Sandra is now working on  a new version of 'Cledra Cola and promises that we can all expect a big launch next spring.
Meanwhile, all eyes are on her son, Nigel.

This enigmatic boy, who went to school in Prospidnick and was marked out by his already fearful teachers as 'one to watch' is poised to take the culinary world by storm.

In fact he says that he is going to turn the pasty world upside down!

"People ebbent never seen pasties like they ones I'm bringin' out!" he declared.

Told by his mother to 'shut yer big gob!" and not spill the beans before the big launch next week at the flagship Boswedden Lane R C Oates Superstore, Nigel obediently stopped talking immediately. We can exclusively reveal that the revolutionary new range of Batten pasties - to be sold under the catchy slogan of 'Batten down yer 'atch' - will include inspired novelties such as deep-fried pasties, pasties on a stick and pasties in coloured icing for special occasions such as Pirates rugby matches.

Production will admittedly be rather limited at the outset, since Nigel's girlfriend, Lorraine, is currently the only one producing the pasties.

Nigel describes himself as "th' ideas man and marketin' genius be'ind the 'ole operation!"

However, he fully expects to be employing over 2,000 people in  pasty production within just a matter of weeks.

Cornishwomen everywhere are invited to consider contributing their pasty-making skills to this great new venture.  Wages - in excess of 10p per hour - are expected to be paid.  

If you want to see and sample the wares, be at R C Oates Superstore in Relubbus next Tuesday at 10.00 am!

Following the sad passing of Walter Gerontius Penberty at the ripe old age of 124, a vacancy has now arisen in the Union of West Penwith Methodist Chapels for a Volunteer Chapel Assistant.

Walter is shown here on the left in his favourite picture, which was taken whilst he was a schoolboy at the Prospidnick Academy  for Lads with Attention Deficit Disorder.

The post of Volunteer Chapel Assistant is one which Walter has held with pride for the last 34 years of his long life, following his retirement at the age of 94 after a successful career as a trapeze artist with the R C Oates Travelling Circus, which is hugely popular all year round from the Lizard to St Agnes to Lands End.

The important job of Volunteer Chapel Assistant - or VCA - involves servicing the needs of all the chapels in the West Penwith Area by undertaking sundry duties for them all every Sunday.

In view of the distance between the chapels, the job requires the services of an energetic person, who is in possession of a speedy bicycle, preferably one with gears.

Since the position is voluntary, it carries no remuneration.  However, since the Chapel Assistant will be servicing the needs of congregations of sometimes in excess of 9 people, he - or she - can be sure of a lot of heartfelt gratitude.

The post is expected to attract many applicants and selection will be made by the following means:
There will be an on-line test to get numbers down to a final 500.

There will then be a series of telephone interviews to get the numbers down to a final 20.

The lucky 20 will then be interviewed by Mrs Betty Peninula (97) (pictured) and her talking budgie "Pretty Boy" to choose the final 6.

The final 6 will then be interviewed by the Reverend Madron Bolitho.

If you think that you have got what it takes, you are welcome to try for the job.

For each of the 20 chapels every Sunday, you must undertake most, and sometimes all, of the following duties:
  • Put the hymns up
  • Pump up the organ
  • Arrange the flowers
  • Polish the collection plate
  • Take up the collection
  • Act as sidesman
  • Manage the communion wine (ensuring that it is strictly non-alcoholic)
  • Wash and clean glasses
  • Polish the Minister's shoes
  • Be on hand to take the blame if the Minister has an unfortunate loud farting incident during prayers
  • Plan the Sunday School treat
  • Manage the Sunday School treat
  • Be the Sunday School Superintendent
  • Take all the Sunday School classes
  • Tend the chapel garden
  • Mow the lawn
  • Sweep the pavement
  • Sing in the choir (as bass, tenor, alto or soprano as required)
  • Take the occasional service
  • Be the congregation
  • Open up chapel
  • Lock up chapel
If you would like to be considered, send a stamped addressed envelope with a cheque for £375 to the Union of West Penwith Methodist Chapels, Boswedden lane, Relubbus.


Starstruck followers of Relubbus high society have long been used to tales about the extravagant lifestyle of the 'golden couple' - Bert 'Len' Harvey from Towednack and Lily Nicholls from Perrannuthnoe.

As our readers will be well aware, Len prides himself on never having done an honest day's work in his life.  He has passed his time contentedly trolling around the Duchy of  Cornwall - sometimes in fancy costumes - obtaining freebies wherever he can.  He has been most successful at it.  In fact, he has turned cadging off the Duchy into a fine art form.

He is shown here, together with a bewildered Lily who can't find her roll-ups, in a snap taken at Penzance railway station, where he has just spotted the rent man coming towards him to try - unsuccessfully - to collect the 55 years rent owing on the luxury accommodation he shares with Lily in Colinsey Road, Penzance.

So famous has the couple become that no society event in Cornwall is now complete without an appearance from the 'Colinsey Kickback Kids'

Now, however, a new and unexpected light has been shone onto the so-called Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

Following a heavy night out drinking with the girls at the Swordfish Inn in Newlyn, Lily let slip, after her eighteenth port and lemon, that she has never had carnal relations with Len.  Instead, she related, it is her reclusive twin sister, Filly, who lives in a nearby field, who has been the recipient of Len's earnestly amorous attentions.

Apparently, Len is unable to tell the two girls apart.  The Roundup has managed to obtain a rare family photo of the two girls together.  When you look at it, you can appreciate Len's problem.

If you are still struggling, Lily is the one on the right.


Tommy Tregarthen (49) is a man who has made it big in fish.  Over 33 years he has built up a wet fish empire, which has grown to one shop in Mousehole AND a delivery van.

Tommy is a popular man in Mousehole.  Apart from fish, his interests are rhododendrons, pickled turnips, yodelling and conkers.

Tommy is also known to be something of a ladies' man.  One person very much of that opinion is his estranged wife. 

Nancy (41) is a senior stylist at Shelley's of St Just and Paris and she is also still exceedingly bitter about their separation and her failure to get a judge to agree that she should be entitled to receive half of Tommy's delivery van.

It was with some surprise that the Roundup received an invitation to visit the Tregarthen family home in Mousehole.  Nancy lives in the house and Tommy lives in a caravan in the drive, in which he occasionally receives lady visitors, which stirs Nancy's jealousy and anger to ever new heights.

When we arrived at the home, Nancy positioned our photographer and then summoned Tommy to come inside the house.

As soon as he had crossed the threshold,  she launched a ritual verbal attack - with a new and one-off twist.

"You bleddy basterd!  You 'ad that li'll tart, Kylie Pierce, in the caravan las' night, didnee?  Bleddy fool, you don't knaw where she been.  It'll be all ovver the Kwop by lunchtime.  Well, neow, I gotta surprise fer you, my cock!!"
Drawing herself up to her full four foot one inch (for they are both people of restricted growth), she then declared with great glee, "Well, my bird, don't gwout lookin' fer yer van today!  'Es my luvver, idn there namore! 'Es , I parked 'n' up somewhere special far ee, my 'ansome!" 

At the mention of his beloved Austin A35 van, he blenched in fear of what news might follow, for he strongly sensed that the news might not be good.

Fixing him with an intense stare, which sought to drain his very life force and savouring this moment of pay-back time, Nancy then administered the killer blow.  "'Es Cappen, I parked 'n' up sum proper far ee this time. [Dramatic Pause] I pushed 'n' ovver th' edge o' Mousehole Pier!"

This was the moment captured by our ace photographer, Dougie Pengelly.


Do you require a not-so-decorative slattern with a particularly foul mouth?

Lucy Trevanion (27) an unsuccessful trainee streetwalker from Botallack, where business is extremely slack at present, is seeking new employment.

Her ideal job would be operating the mangle in Penzance laundry, which she would find rewarding and fun.  She claims to have come third in the 2008 Apprentice series and syas that she is accordingly passionate about business.

Lucy can be contacted only by post - addressed to Lucy Trevanion, Botallack.


Relubbus is rightly known internationally for its tolerance and it veritably glitters in the light of its reputation as a safe haven for folk of all persuasions.

It is therefore no surprise that Prospidnick in Greater Relubbus is the chosen site of the first nudist gay B&B, run by devoted couple Ron Trezise (76) and his longterm partner Ron Polglaze (65).

The two gents, who have been working as itinerant plumbers in West Penwith since their teens, first bumped into one another whilst working on emergency repairs in the Gents in Penlee Park in Penzance on one balmy evening back in 1968.  Since then they have been an item.

As Ron T. explained, "If you duh ask fer ee, you duh get we and if you duh ask fer me, you duh still get we!"  For this reason they became known as the "Two fer one plumbers, oo duh get the job done inaff the time!"

The two Rons are leading lights in the Gwavas Contralto Queer Choir, which has been a champion of gay rights  in the West Penwith musical world for decades.  They are also both fanatical gardeners and passionately ardent nudists.

When retirement came, they decided "to set up a B&B fer folks like we!"  They then searched out a round house, the  very shape of which would embody their opposition to anything square.

When they set eyes on the Prospidnick round house, they fell in love with its circular simplicity.  As it is beautifully round, they have divided it up into segments like some great pink grapefruit.  Pink is incidentally the colour of all the decor and furniture.
There are 16 segments: one for the kitchenette, one for the bathroom and toilet, one for the dining room, one for the living room -- which also contains the front door -- and 12 for the guest bedrooms.

Whilst the house is known for its cheery cosiness, the segments are separated from one another by sturdy polyurethane pink-coloured curtains to provide the occupants with some privacy.

The house has been renamed the Prospidnick Pink House and it has been doing a roaring trade.  There has been a continuous stream of gay nudist tourists from around the world with some coming from as far away as Sidmouth.

Then last week the day came when Reginald and Mavis Pollock (both 33 and missionaries) rapped loudly on the door and asked for a room, which brought screeches of dismay from the outraged gays within.

Averting their eyes from the strange sights behind the door and declaiming in loud voices fortified by unshakeable righteousness, Reginald and Mavis demanded the right to be admitted as guests to the B&B.

They unashamedly declared that they wished to enter so that they might therein pursue their advocacy of the missionary position.

The two Rons flatly refused and, following many a bitter exchange, 5 minutes later Inspector Drustan Thaddeus Angove of the Relubbus Police appeared on the scene.

Inspector Angove, a much-feared detective and noted dwarf, took in the situation at a glance.  On seeing so many men in a state of undress, his practised eye told him the he needed re-inforcements.

In next to no time nine constables appeared, all armed with truncheons, which caused no end of excitement and delight within the house.

After some consideration, Inspector Angove led Reginald and Mavis away (still steadfastly averting their eyes), since, in his judgement, their attempt to gain entry to the renowned Pink House was a calculated provocation.

We shall be following any further developments in this case.


Gladys Nicholls (108) invites you and all other seniors to join her Tai Chi class in the Drift community centre on Tuesday evenings at 10.30 pm.

Having been instructed in this ancient art by no less a personage than "Chinky" Penhaligon of the Dung Po Golden Junk Restaurant in Penzance, Gladys is now ready to pass on her knowledge to pensioners in West Penwith.

Gladys swears by Tai Chi and her husband Gerald also swears a great deal.

The couple are passionate advocates of the generally restorative effects that Tai Chi has on the body and Gladys also maintains that it keeps her regular.

If you are thinking of joining but are not sure if you will be up to it, Gladys assures that all movements are slow, gentle and graceful and will not place any undue strain on the body.

She does, however, advise that dentures and any other artificial body pieces are removed before each session.  If you do hand over your dentures, you can be sure that you will get a pair back at the end of the session.

A thirty minutes session costs just £75, so hurry along.  There is a coach collection service for seniors between Drift and Relubbus.


By our Poetry Correspondent, Alice Chirgwin-Jacka

The celebrated Penzance poet (from Colinsey Road, Treneere) 'Odgo Semmens has composed the following rousing work, which we feel should be given the widest possible viewing. This astonishing work, which displays 'Odgo at his magisterial best, is styled simply and, in a characteristically Cornish way, "I aren't".

It has already been viewed by 1,789.654 people, who rate it as the greatest work ever written.

I Aren't

I aren't goin' in town today,
I aren't, coz I'm feelin' a bit queasy;
I aren't goin up Mum's tonight,
I aren't, coz my sister's too teasy.

I aren't gunna g'wovver Newlyn tonight,
I aren't, coz is too bleddy cold.
I aren't gunna g'wout with Liza no more,
I aren't, coz she's too bleddy old.

I aren't goin' to work in Kwop no more,
I aren't, coz I couldn' care less.
I aren't gunna say "no" to Mrs 'Ollis,
I aren't, coz she the fittest and best.

I aren't gunna say that I'm "English",
I aren't, coz is not bleddy true:
I aren't, coz I am bleddy Cornish,
And so, my bleddy friend, are you!



The Roundup can bring you the startling news that one of Tolcarne's most popular and hitherto upstanding inhabitants - Mr Maurice "Hairclip" Metherell (32), a local butcher and favourite Scout leader - has been leading a double life.

Metherell, pictured here on the left in his Scout uniform,  is popular amongst the lads of the Tolcarne Scout group.
Whilst he can sometimes come across as effeminate, he has been most helpful to the boys in encouraging them to explore their 'feminine side' in true 21st century metrosexual style.

Under Metherell's leadership they were the first scout troop to develop skills in hairdressing and home-baking.
These early successes were quickly followed by tutelage and skills in manicure, spray tan and the arts of the air steward.

It therefore came as a huge surprise, when it was revealed that "Mr Metherell" was leading a second life as Miss Maude Pengelly (29) a freelance courtesan operating out of a caravan parked in a layby on the B3315 near the turning for Paul.

Advertising on the internet, Maude Pengelly secured suitors from as far away as Padstow ( a 'Mr Stone', a local chef).
Her undoing came when she received a visit  from a Mr 'John Smith', who turned out to be none other than Mr Willy Botheras (62) from Pendeen, the Cornish Chief Scout and a man well known to "Mr Metherell".

As neither party was wearing the strong glasses they both require, it took a minute or two before the penny dropped.

However, drop it surely did and, as they say in Sennen, the encounter ended "sooner'n it begun' in a scene of mutual embarrassment.
Tolcarne is now advertising for a new Scout leader and the Pengelly caravan was last seen heading for Padstow in a hurry.



Love the sea, but can't swim?

Does standing in deep water make you want to 'go'?
Do you find the bathing costumes of today indecent?

We know the problem and we know how to deal with it at the Marazion Methodist Paddling Club (MMPC).

 At the MMPC:
  • We don't wear indecent costumes.
  • We don't go out into water more than four inches deep.
  •  For safety reasons, we always take the waters in groups of no less than ten, one of whom is always attached by rope to a stout tree on shore.
  • We start every paddling expedition with a rousing rendition of William Whiting's 'Eternal father strong to save' - No. 917 in the Methodist Hymn Book.

If you are 21 or over, you are welcome to join us at a cost of just £756 per season.

For this:

You will receive a 'certified decent' handknitted costume in which you can paddle.

You will receive an intensive  three week paddling safety course.

Thereafter you will be able to join us in safe paddling and song on Marazion beach!



Now both parents and youngsters can have lots of modern up-to-date and care-free communication fun with the Methodist Morse Code and Radio Kit.

Using this radio, you will find that you can only listen  to wholesome family programmes from around the world.
The radio, which comes in a fetching and handy 3ft square walnut-effect box is pre-tuned  to receive only Methodist Radio Relubbus and ten other Methodist stations around the world (1 in Devon and the others elsewhere in Cornwall).

You can sing along with your favourite hymns and even listen to your own requests, if you sre lucky enough to have had them selected from the many hundreds of thousands that are sent in.

For the technically minded, there is a dial with which you can adjust the volume.  However, be careful!  You can only listen to this radio set with headphones (2 sets supplied) and you might damage your ears, if you turn the volume up too high.

Parents are advised to listen with their youngsters for the first couple of years until they can be sure that the volume dial is not being abused.

The really interesting feature is the Morse device, which will permit your youngster to communicate with other youngsters.  This is guaranteed to give them hours of good clean honest fun.

In view of the potentially addictive nature of this equipment, it is strongly recommended that parents strictly control and limit children's access to it.

Parents are advised not to let the youngster near the equipment until AFTER the homework has been done AND checked.

The Methodist Institute for Juvenile Physical and Mental Health recommends that all youngsters still wearing short trousers (i.e. under 21 years of age) should be permitted no more than 30 minutes fun before they return to the family Scrabble table of an evening.